Hong-Kong Macou

Hong Kong and Macau are located at the east and the west sides of the Pearl River Delta respectively, with a close distance of about 64 kilometres in between. Hong Kong and Macau bilateral relations could be traced back to the Middle Neolithic. Both Hong Kong and Macau were under the influence of the same type of Neolithic culture. Tools and ornaments used by both places show tight relationship in idea and trade between the two. Hong Kong became the first European colony in East Asia for being occupied by the Portuguese Empire as Tamão in the early 16th Century. The Portuguese were defeated by the Ming Empire in Hong Kong in 1521, and eventually took Macau as their settlement at the Pearl River Estuary as a replacement. Macau had stood long as the most important European entrepot in East Asia since the 17th Century. Only until Hong Kong fell into the British hands in the early 1840s, Macau faced regional competition from a more opened and free British Colony. Since then, Hong Kong and Macau competed and cooperated for being the commercial centres in the Pearl River Estuary. Eventually Hong Kong developed as one of the busiest entrepots and financial centres while Macau became a world gambling capital.